Noelani's Birthday Party!

On June 13, 2014 Noelani celebrated her first birthday!

I bought a 4 month year old golden from you last year! We named her Noelani.

Just wanted to send some pictures to you of her from her 1st birthday! I love her so much, she is so awesome and such a great dog! I get so many complements on how good looking she is! She is pretty spoiled to have the beach as her backyard but it is good because she LOVES the water! Can't keep her out of it! We even did a dog surf lesson this summer haha!





Hi Karl,
Sorry we haven't gotten back to you a while, but we really want to thank you for our newest family addition Sonoma!
As you can imagine, she has been a handful from day one, but a very loved one!
I can't believe how quick she is growing. I've attached a few pictures for your enjoyment.
We have a hard time keeping her out of the pool, but as you can see she has taken up surfing!
We would just like to thank you again for the wonderful addition to our family.

Have a great rest of the summer,
Steve, Teri and Ari




ROXY on the BIG screen!

Congratulations to Roxy who has made her modeling debut on the Jumbotron at Petco Stadium.

Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 9:46 AM
Subject: Dress Your Pet Padres Style

Dear Padres Fan,

Congratulations! Your pet has been selected as a winner of the Dress Your Pet Padres Style Contest. Their picture will be featured on the Jumbotron during the next Padres homestretch, from June 23rd-July2nd, 2006. The photo will be displayed once per game during an unspecified inning. Plan on attending a game to see your pet on the big screen! Ticket information is available online at www.padres.com or by phone at 1.877.FRIARTIX (374-2784). PETCO and the San Diego Padres thank you for your support. See you at the game!

-The Dress Your Pet section will appear in every game EXCEPT Saturday June 24th due to a scheduling conflict. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Chelsea Jones
PETCO Sports Marketing
(858) 453-7845 x5830


She's a Sweetheart!


She is an absolute sweetheart. On the way home, I tried getting her to lie in the bed on the seat next to me but she would have nothing to do with it. All she wanted to do was lay on my lap, which she did for the entire 4 hour trip home! She was as calm as could be and just happily lay on my lap without any trouble at all.

When we got home, she explored the house and the front yard but wasn't too interested in exploring the hill in the backyard. She loves anything that grows and pranced about the yard sampling all the flowers and plants. Luckily I have nothing poisonous in my yard or I would definitely have to pull it. Saturday night was my company Christmas party but I decided it would be more fun to stay home and play with her (also I didn't want to leave her alone for even a few hours on her first night). She didn't cry at all the first night (of course she ended up sleeping in bed with me). I figure for the first couple nights, she can sleep in bed. Then I'll move her a little bed on the floor next to my bed.

She is such a crack up. When she gets excited she is very clumsy and falls all over herself. Her brakes don't work too well so if you get running fast enough and stop suddenly, she can't quite slow down quick enough and runs past you head long into the nearest solid object or her front feet stop but not the back feet so she goes tumbling head over heels. Even though puppies are a lot of work, I had forgotten how entertaining they are. Talk about instant stress relief.

It is hysterical watching her try to get the cat to play. The cat is aloof and won't play with her but that doesn't stop her from prancing around the cat barking trying to interest her in playing. I'm thinking it won't be long before they are good friends and can curl up and sleep together.

I took her around town yesterday shopping and visiting friends and family. She loved everyone and everyone loved her...of course everyone loves puppies. She is great in the car and loves to be carried around. I'm sure she will grow fast and I won't be able to carry her for long but for now we are both enjoying it. I started getting her used to a leash yesterday and she did not like that thing at all. I'll ease her into it though and soon she'll love the sight of a leash!

Going to work was real hard for me today; all I wanted to do was stay home and play with the puppy! Luckily Jack will be there until 2:30 PM and I'm going to take off early today so I can be home by 3PM.

I can't tell you how happy I am with her. She is so cute with the sweetest face and disposition. It's going to be a lot of fun watching her grow and training her. She is going to be an awesome dog.

Warm Regards,


Fabulous Fabio!

Hi Karl:

I hope that you & your family are well. I want to thank you again for our precious joy Fabio. He is the love of our lives & the best dog in the World! He weighs more than 16 pounds now & is very smart. He sits, lies down, comes upon command & is working on "hup" for sit up. He enjoys being pulled around the pool on a boogie board & will swim, but is nervous about it & still learning where the pool stairs are located. He has met about 300 strangers & other pups in a socialization program. We have already had to board him for 4 days when we had a volleyball tournament & he did well! (Everybody spoiled him.)

I have decided to keep him with my collie Charlotte at the boarder while we take this next trip. They will have separate quarters, but together time, which both dogs have grown to enjoy. Fabio sleeps next to her & sits under her attempting to kiss her. She is only dominant when he's being a pest by biting or when food is an issue.

I can't describe how much we love him & how very much we will miss him while we're away. He is the friendliest dog I've ever met & is such a good companion. He brings such joy to our family & we want you to know that we appreciate all the time & effort involved by you & your family in breeding such fabulous dogs!

Thank you for offering to board him. While we're away, I want to think of him being totally spoiled, loved up & constantly played with. They don't mind me calling twice a day to ask how he's doing.

I will send you photos of him & hope that he can visit you this summer. We really, really adore him.

Thank you again,
Heather Adelhelm

Mr. Wilson

Hello all!

For those who don't know, we got a puppy! His name is
Wilson, he just turned 12 weeks and is already potty
trained! amazing... well, he is a golden retriver,
very smart! His favorite words F-O-O-D and S-N-A-C-K
Today he took daddy to his first day of school...or
the other way around??? ;D ;D ;D

Attached is a little something for your enjoyment.



Adorable Brody!


This is the LeValley family. We are so pleased with the puppy we recieved from you folks. His name is Brody. He is great. We can't believe how adorable he is and how much he has grown. He is a smart little fellow too. Him and our West Highland Terrior get along very well and insist on being side by side (even sleeping in my bed next to eachother on the pillow). I will be sending you some pictures once I get the attachments on my computer to work, because you have to see what a beautiful dog he is growing up to be.

Thanks again. -Brittney & Delilah LeValley